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This is  West Winds  Marcus Soloman
Soloman is now xx years old, we owned both his parents and raised him  from a pup.  Although  we  haven't  used  Solo for stud as much as some of the other males,  He has produced  3  litters for  a total of   18 beautiful  puppies 
This is West Winds Our Impressive Griffin
Griffin, my boy  ,  Hes a handsome Magnum son and he has a lot of puppy energy but hes very smart and has completed  Obedience School  and also received  his  CGC Canine Good Citizen   Certificate 
Griffin just became a father !!!  We have 17 beautiful pups from him.
Indy lives in Pennslyvania with his owner Max, they have a wonderful bond
Ritzy Lives in California    
And was purchased
by Detroit Tigers Pitcher
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This was Austin, owners named him Diezel, he passed away in 2008
This is Bonnie, owners named her Nikki, she went to live in New York, and is much loved & spoiled  girl
I bought Noble about a year ago from a friend, he is from a Kodiak female that I sold them three years ago;  his father is from California, from the same breeder that supplied Chris  (beethoven)  for the first Beethoven movie and the female  Missy for the second Beethoven movie.  .
Indy on his first hike at the Jacobsburg State Park. 
This is  West Winds Noble Whit Tru One
Please Note:

Every pup I sell, I ask the buyers to please keep in touch and let me know how pup is doing.  Some people are great about it but many never  contact me . I realize people are busy but I brought these pups into the world and it hurts me when I never get a picture or email to let me know that the pup is adjusting ok. 

Every dog  I have ever bought- not one of the breeders asked me to keep in touch; when they got their money and the pup went out the door, they were not interested if it even survived.  

In my opinion, if  you breed a dog in this already overpopulated world, you should be responsible enough to keep tabs on the pup  and ensure that placement is working out, even though I do my best to place them into forever homes.

Tips on buying a pup;     There are responsible breeders and there are irresponsible breeders--   Make sure you get a contract.

I have a standard purchase agreement, very similar to what most breeders offer.  A breeder can only cover genetic issues, we have no control over a puppys environment after it leaves our care --  so if your child drops the puppy , or the puppy gets into your garbage pail and gets sick, or falls down your steps at home,   then you are not being a responsible pet owner and supervising the puppy.  Having a new puppy is the same as having a two year old toddler, you wouldn't put a toddler outside alone or not supervise what they are doing indoors or out.
he's an  adorable boy that lives in Michigan
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