This is the Family page
These  are the current kids that live with me ,they are
different sizes,  ages,  colors,  gender,  personalities,
bloodlines, and quality.  But  I love them all and they
let me live here and care for them ! 
The Girls
West  Winds Our Lady Egypt
West Winds Miss  Adrian
West Winds Daisy Pause to the Paw
West Wind Diana's  Desiree
West Winds Savannah  Sunrise
West Winds Our Little Secret
Chewbacca Wookie Van Etten
West Winds Angelstar Tierra
West Winds Autumn Sunrise
West Wind Dreams Of Paris
West Winds Xanadu Exquisite Treasure
The     Boys
West Winds Marcus  Magnum
West Winds  Our Impressive Griffin
West Winds Noble Whit Tru One
West Winds Marcus  Soloman
West Winds Kodiak Haven Bear
In Memorandum
We have had many wonderful saints over a 30 year period
West Winds Cujo 
West Winds Miss Magik
West Wind  Cujo's Megabeast
West Winds April Snow
West Winds Alpha Magik
West Winds Cassie
Honorable mention, no pics  Ben,  ,Sugar,   Suzie,  passed away  late 80's
West Winds Kodiak Baby Bear
Have had many wonderful dogs and puppies but before I got a digital camera and computer, there was not many pictures of them so most dogs on here are from  2004. to present
Testimonial 2
West Winds Saintly Summer
West Winds Delta Country Girl
West Winds Vixen Divine Miss
West Winds Rising Star Diva
West Winds Arctic Brandy
West Winds Royal Isis Rose
West Winds Starstruck Tempest
West Winds Legacy So Jo Dream
West Winds Star E Eyed Jasmine
West Winds Winter Nova
West Winds RockValley Bronson
West Wind Kings Ransom
West Winds Mega Beast Bearpaw
West Winds Atlas Goin For Gold
West Winds Hero My Mag heaven Sent
West Wind Treasures Encore
West Winds Tuesday Keepsake
West WindSaintly Style
All these saints live at West Wind Saints--------------------Furry Angels Created Here