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This website was created to showcase my Saint Bernards.  I have been raising these beautiful dogs for several years.  Please check them out, if you like what you see and want to purchase a pup or want good info on saints please go to my other website also
Saint  Bernards come in several colors from dark mahogany brown to light blond or various shades of red.  They come in two coat types ,  long hair (rough coat or short hair (smooth coat).    Both types shed as any dog does.   All saint bernards have white chest-legs-belly and tip of tail.
short hair look
Long hair look
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Saint Bernard puppies start out a little over a pound at birth, but grow very quickly, and will be about a hundred pounds before they are 8 months old. So training has to start early, but thats ok because they are fast learners, and they want to be with you and please you.  
Saints are FUN,  they will bring a smile to your face every day, they love to .......
play in the pool
play in the snow
play in the leaves
perform in the show ring
share an ice cream cone
Hang out with friends
Or just take a nap with a buddy
Share some toys
Play  Dressup
Is a Saint Bernard for you?      Maybe not !!!!

Tips on choosing a breed of dog-- Common questions I get asked about  Saint Bernards
1. DROOL:     Number one question !!!  People think its excessive and its not, some drool more than others- the longer the nose , makes the jowls shorter-results in less drool,  saints with shorter noses have long jowls so they may drool more. I like a happy medium, you don't want a saint with a long collie nose but you don't want a saint with such a short snout that may not only cause lots of drool but can cause sinus issues. ALL saints drool after drinking  or under stress but that is true of most large breed dogs, my neighbors Lab drools more than my dogs.

So  in choosing a breed you can live with , if you don't want drool , don't  buy a large breed--stick to small dogs like yorkies--never seen one of them drool.

2.  HAIR:      Both rough coat and smooth coat saints will shed , so it doesn't matter if you buy a short hair, it won't help you escape cleaning up after a shedding dog. The short hair dog just takes less brushing.
So in choosing a breed to live with , for less hair try a poodle.

3. HEALTH  ISSUES:   Common health concerns with large breeds is joint  issues, cardio, epilepsy, or bloat. But there are health problems with  ALL breeds , small dogs have their own issues too.
So in choosing a breed-  can't give advice on that one,  all breeds are included.

4.  TEMPERMENT:  Some breeds of dogs have high marks as family dogs and saints is one of those.  Most large breeds are good in spite of their size. Large breeds may unintensionally knock over a small child or smack them in the face with a wagging tail.  But most are laid back dogs, they are not hyper, they wind down ,quicker and are not likely to be "snappy" like a small breed..

So in choosing a breed, the large breed "family dogs" that work good may be saints,golden retreivers, or collies.

5.  TRAINING:  Large breed dogs learn quickly (bigger brains?) . Most (not all ) small breeds are harder to train possibly because they are more hyper than large dogs.  Housetraining  for large dogs can be done in days versus months for small breeds and because of bigger bladders, large breeds don't have to go out as often.
So in choosing a breed,   just depends on how much time you want to spend ,on  ,  leash training,housebreaking,obedience commands ,etc.

6.FOOD:  Gonna add this- even though all breeds eat !!  Saints do not eat according to size, they are not active dogs so they don't need tons of food to burn energy.

So bottom line, whatever breed fits into your lifestyle, with their hair, health, & trainability -  some breeds are hyper, jumping off the walls,  some are lazy,and you   have to step over them,   some are hunters and want to wander.
Just do your homework and try to find out as much as you can about a breed of dog that you may want to bring into your life because please remember it is at least a 10 year commitment,
It is not my intention to offend anyone, I am not knocking certain breeds ,  there are many wonderful breeds of dogs out there; just want to educate people that certain breeds may not be good with small children. If you buy a dog of any breed please,please, supervise children and dogs ,  all dogs have teeth and claws and no one wants their child hurt, but children can be cruel and I have heard of dogs with toys shoved in their ears, or eyes and fur pulled out.  I believe a child should be raised with a dog but they must be taught how to treat them and in turn  a dog will teach your child  lessons in friendship, loyalty, love ,responsibility, and respect.
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I would like to put in a statement about environment;  Dogs have been bred for many things from therapy work- hunting- guard- rodent control- rescue- handicap assistance- police work etc.   Not  every dog of a certain breed will have the characteristics you want- example- not all hunting breeds will make good hunters- German Shepards are usually used for police work  and not all will be cut out for it-  etc.      Some breeds like Labs or Saints can do a variety of things from therapy to rescue to police work;  Point I am trying to make is that a dog is a product of their environment.  They will turn out to be what you make them.  Dogs are very adaptable;  how good would you do if you were put into a situation where no one around you looked like you or spoke your language; Dogs have done it very well, They are with people and have learned enough of what we say to adapt to us.  Many even prefer people to their own species.                                                                                                                                  
Many breeds have labels on them;  Saints are labeled as droolers-not all are that way.  Dobermans are labeled as mean or unpredictable- we had some that were very loving.  Look at the poor pitbull- labeled as vicious and out of control, last check  I did on Vick case, all but one dog came out of that and were able to be placed with families !      Love and lessons go a long way with a dog--- there is not another species of animal on the planet that wants to love and please people the way a dog does. 
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