This Is West Winds Kodiak Haven Bear 
I bought Kodiak in 2004 ; I was looking for a short hair male, I had never owned a short hair saint because they have a different look than a long hair, but Kodiak has turned out to be a very mellow big guy , that has one of the sweetest personalities . He produces beautiful pups that are as sweet as he is.
"I may look mean but I'm a pussycat"
Angelina 2007
Suzie 2007
Stallone lives in Ohio
Caesar  2008
Cassidy  2008
Chauncey  2008
Candice 2008
Chewy 2008
Charger lives in Chicago
  China 2008
Coby 2008
Happy 2009
  Harley lives in Indiana
Halo 2009
Hazel  2009
Hope  2009
Hilary lives in Kentucky
Harmony 2009
Harlow 2009
Heaven 2009
This is Autumn as a 6 week old baby

and at age 3 as an adult, she is a short

hair , splash coat, 

She was a 2005 baby.
This is Paris, pictured at 3 weeks old  and  6 months old

she  is a long hair splash coat ,
born in 2007 
These are some of Kodiaks Puppies

Lots Of Kody Puppies !!!
These are only a few of Kodiaks amazing offspring,

He has 161 in all areas of the United States and Canada
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Just thought I would let you know that the son of each of your dogs has won two BLUE ribbons through AKC show's... He is adorable huh? They are also interested in maybe putting him in some commercials and movies (a photographer at the akc) loves his markings - man, am I ever PROUD!!! hope all is well with the other babies, would love to see some recent pictures... pleasssseee!!!         The Baxters
This big guy is a Kodiak son, he lives in Georgia, he has been doing very well in the show ring. He has his own website,check him out at, 
Kodiak & Adrian
2010  Litter
This sweetheart also part of that litter, has a good home in Sand Lake Michigan.   Kennel name was teddy , new owner named him Samson,  hes getting to  be big and beautiful,  1st pic is him at six weeks, other pics of him sitting and in water, are at 5 months old. 
Testimonial 2
Update-----Our Beautiful Big Kodiak passed away in 2016, He was always very healthy and never sick a day in his life, but he was getting to be an old guy and slowing down , he lived 12 wonderful years
This is Vixen, she is a Kody Granddaughter, ---Savannahs daughter
Passed away in 2016
2007 pup, still doing well2016
Savannah, a Kody Daughter
doing well at 9 years old
Isaiah--2006 Kody pup
Couple Kodiak Grandkids
Alena and Aurora 2014
Couple Kodiak Kids
Garner and Gia 2012