This Is  West Winds Marcus Magnum
Magnum came into our lives several years ago when I was searching for the "perfect saint" and he has not disappointed us.  He has been a winning show dog and also produces beautiful, quality puppies.
Magnum At Midland Show 2008
Magnum at his second show 2008
These are some of Magnums pups
Babydoll 2007  Lives in Texas
Bonnie lives in New York
Donner lives in Mich.
Abbott  2007 lives in New York
Noel, named Beau
Casper, 2007 named Montana
Bella lives in Ohio
Dolly lives in Chicago
Dylan 2008
Bentley 2009
Vixen 2009
Mistletoe named Daisy Mae
Holly  2009
Dutch 2009
Snowman Lives in New York
Alfie ,kennel name
new owner named him Moses,
pictured here
at  2months old
and at 1 year old
Bess , kennel name
new owner named
her Daisy, pictured
at 2 months old
and at  her first
show at 1 year old
Secret at 4 weeks old,  12 weeks old  and  8 months old in her second show
Griffin  at 3 months old
Griffin  at one year old
This is pup born in 2007,
kennel name chic,  new
owner named her Happy,
She lives in Florida. 
Griffin is a Magnum son that we are
raising to show and use for a future
stud dog,  so far he has been a  credit    to his beautiful dad.
Happy makes her owner happy and brings a smile to her face every day, she does her job well
I have only featured  a few of Magnum's  beautiful pups,

He has 71 so far, they are all over the United States and
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Magnum and son Moses
Magnum playing with daughter Secret
Magnum looking gorgeous with his "dog show" stance
Check out some others on the testimonial pages
with one of his sons
Magnum as 12 week old pup
Magnum as 6 month old pup
Moses is much
loved by his
owner and
even was ring
bearer at her
recent wedding
Wilson, a big Magnum son
Testimonial 2
UPDATE-----My beautiful Magnum, passed away in 2015, he stopped eating, so I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with cancer of the blood,They said there was nothing they could do for him, that he wasn't in pain , but he would slow down over time and when it was the end  he would "bleed out " internally  and go into a coma, and quietly pass, and that is exactly what happened. My heart will be forever broken, he was a special boy
Griffin  looking beautiful for the camera
Hero --a Magnum Grandson2013
Landscape-----Magnum Son2009
Shelby---Magnum Daughter 2007
Daisy and Magnum Waiting for belly rubs
Ruby ---2007 pup
Diva --Magnum Daughter 2009
Nova --Magnum Granddaughter