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This is Wyatt Andrew ,he is a beautiful boy and is much loved by his owner 
It may sound strange but raising these dogs has taught me so many good lessons of life., not only because over the 30  plus years, I have seen dogs with cancer,arthritis,myositis,heart disease,etc;  it includes a few of my own dogs but also doing rescue.  If you keep a`dog 10 plus years at some point they get old, get health issues and pass away, and it hurts bad , but you have to think back to the good times, when the dog was young, healthy, and by your side,playing, acting silly, and loving you. 

I have learned a lot about dog health issues from hearing what some dogs have had to go through and what some families have done to try and prolong the inevitable.     But mostly what has inspired me was meeting so many wonderful people, have listened to their hurt feelings, when they lost their pet and what the pet had brought to their life in joy and caring.   Its a sad fact that pets have very short life spans compared to people.

I have sold pups to families and heard how the dog has helped a family member, with cancer, autisim, parkinsons, migraines,epilepsy, depression, or issues in their lives.  I recently sold a pup  to help bring joy to a family whose home burned down and they lost everything including their three dogs in the fire, and another family whose dad has served two tours of duty in afganistan, and when he returned home their family pet passed away, another pup went to a woman recovering  from an auto accident and she will have back issues for the rest of her life, another pup helped a  gentleman with parkinsons facing  the possibility of brain surgery;    the list goes on .  I have heard amazing stories of  how the rescue instinct comes out in a saint bernard and they have saved children from drowning, being bit by a rattlesnake, or getting hit by a vehicle; in some cases the saint gave its own life.  But mainly I have heard wonderful stories of life, love and compassion,  and all have touched me .  Please remember everyday to tell your family members, friends, and your pets how much you love them because your life can change in an instant and you never know how long  any creature, four legged or two legged has on this earth. 
We only went to two shows this year.......In April ,  Griffin was shown at his first show  at one year old,   in Birch Run Michigan; 

       In September ,   Treasure  was shown at her first show at the age of seven months old at  Monroe Michigan
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Saint Bernard Pups
Tess  Female sold
Turner  Male
Tigger Male
Tahoe  Male
Teddy  Male  Sold
Twilight Female  Sold
2010  Treasure at shows, 14 months old
Daisy in 2010 showing season, has started out well, received 8 points toward championship and won 3 Best  of Breed titles
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Big Boy Atlas in Show Ring

Beautiful Girl  Summer At Show
Some People will never understand how much I love my dogs,  But thats ok , as long as my dogs know
Want to tell a story about a dog, I won't mention names;  I sold a pup in 2013 to a young woman and I know at the beginning she loved the pup.  AKC says that the worst placement for a pup is with young people because they are not settled in their life ,career, or relationships so they cannot be considered as a forever home for a dog.  Unfortunately, two and a half years later this proved to be true; this young woman had a man enter her life and the dog was "in the way"; the dog did not welcome the boyfriend because the pup had had the woman as his only human and he loved her.  I got a phone call that the dog started to growl, obviously he was getting stressed,  This didn't seem to matter to the woman they just wanted to get rid of the dog so they were going to do what a lot of people do , they were going to "get rid of their problem" so they could get on with their life.

I have met many wonderful people over the years with this breed so I called someone that I felt would be a good placement for this dog; they had bought a dog from me and had mentioned that they wanted to get another, like many people they wanted a "big male"; well this big boy fit the bill ,(200lbs) so if he could settle in and get along with their other dogs,.he had chance at a home
Well this story looks like it has a happy ending, they got the dog from the woman, he is settling in nicely.

When I get a dog back,Seems I never get all the info from people because they have something to hide, but in fitting pieces together --and examining the dog , although he looked ok, he had two severe bruises that were recent, and in his behavior ,he told us hes been hit ,kicked and neglected, he doesn't know how to play, hes afraid of an open hand, hes very unsure of himself, don't tell me dogs can't "talk"   This poor dogs world came crashing down when a boyfriend entered his life , and he "growled",   imagine that,    so owners wanted him put to sleep, thank god they called me;
Hes a wonderful dog and hes now placed with wonderful people, he has a lot of love to give, and now he has a happy life.

I  Rarely get dogs back and always try for happy endings, I am blessed to know good people that will love a dog for its ENTIRE life
A few 2010 pups