The testimonials are supposed to be from people that have bought puppies from me,  and have sent comments  and pictures.....   I would like to also include tributes to the people in my life:
My Husband Michael-  who gives me encouragement,criticism,love, and labor;  He helps transport dogs, give shots and medications,  and recently started to train and show the dogs. He is one of the most intelligent people I know. We have been together many years,  have had success and failures,  buried a son and thru it all have stuck together.  A major accomplishment nowadays. He is my rock.
My Dear Friend Alexis-- who has had many ups and downs in her life , especially lately,  but is always available to give her sincere support.  I have never met anyone so sweet and thoughtful and thank god everyday for bringing her into my life
My Dear Friend Brenda--  who helped me create the first website that was started, her knowledge of computers was far better than mine at that time and she put  in a lot of hard work.  She is honest, sincere and a wonderful friend for putting up with me.  I don't know what I would do without her; She changed my life by helping me have a website to put my dogs out into the world. 
Another Dear Friend Jackie --who without her support this website would not have been started,she kept pushing me to try different features of a computer that I didn't know were available; which helped me gain some computer knowledge;  shes been great.
My Daughter in Law  Lorri--who is a fantastic dog groomer--  she makes my dogs look gorgeous for the show ring and has even come to the shows to helpout.  But mostly she has also taken good care of my dad and has loved & helped my son since he was injured in an auto accident several years ago.  I love her dearly, shes one of kind.
My Good Friend Jenn--Who  I  met when I was looking for someone with the knowledge & experience to show my dogs and teach us in the process,  She knows a lot about showing and although she can no longer show my dogs since she was injured in an auto accident,  she is still a wonderful friend and advisor.
Another Good Friend Deanna--who has bought two dogs from me over the years but also loves to nurture the puppies when I have a litter,  she rocks them to sleep, teaches them confidence, and loves & cuddles them, until they are sold.  Shes a super sweet person that loves the saint breed.
There are many other people--I would like to mention that have bought puppies from me and we stayed in touch and I consider them friends, they are wonderful people and to name just a few.. thank you for your friendship, Carrie,  Kelly,  Max,  Don, Amanda, Jennifer,  Mike, Jesse, Kimberly, Jodie, Nikki,  Sharon, Doug, Larry, Barbara, Tom, Laurie, Tobias, Colleen, Caroline, Sierra, Elisa, Shelly,Chad, Dave,Heather, Mary,Robin ---  My thanks to you and your family members.  I apoligize if I left someone out.
Pretty much all these wonderful people came into my life because of our love for saints, God Bless All Of You.
Teddy And Bella are Kodiak and Magnum pups, owned by my friend Deanna,  used to Live in Ohio but moved to North Carolina
Koda lives in Indiana
This Page is to list Testimonials
Yodel and Happy Live in Florida
This is Delilah, she lives in Chicago, she displays the gentle nature of a saint; Check out how she is holding the babys hand, How sweet is that ! 

Hi Diana,
Our daughter and son-in-law purchased Atlas (original name) from you in the fall of 2007.  Our son-in-law had just returned injured from Iraq and Atlas was such an amazing addition to their family.  They also have a little girl who will be two next month.  When our son-in-law was discharged from the Army this past summer, their family moved from where they were stationed in Kansas to Minnesota where we live.  Circumstances did not allow for them to have a pet where they live, so Atlas stayed with us.  We have two teenagers, a boy and a girl.  Our daughter and son-in-laws little girl comes to my house for daycare, so they were all able to see Atlas every day.  Recently, because of the economy, they had to renew their lease and will not be buying a house until next year.  As a result, we all agreed that it would be best for Atlas if he was not uprooted in a year and would just become a member of our family.  This gave my husband the best Christmas present ever because being a dog lover and totally in love with Atlas, we didn't know how he was going to give him up anyway.  This has worked out wonderfully for all of us.  Our daughter, son-in-law and their little girl get to see Atlas regularly. My husband and I and our two children have a new member in our family, and my daycare children all have a new best friend (everyone loves Atlas!!!).  He now sleeps next to my bed, which is a great comfort because my husband works at night.  He jumps onto our 16 year old girls bed every morning to wake her for school and snuggle for a bit and my husband walks his new best friend every day.  Thank you so much for breeding and providing families with such wonderful pets.  I swear if Atlas could, he would wrap his arms around us and hug us, he is so affectionate.  We just wanted to let you know how Atlas is doing.  God Bless!!!
Hi Diana!  I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but I bought Koda and brought him back to South Bend, IN about 2.5 years ago.  Just thought I would forward on some recent pictures of him so you can see what a beautiful big man that he’s become!  Enjoy!  Hope you’re doing well!
Relaxing by the pool
Hi Diana,
Here are some pictures of Ruby and the kids. She's doing great and we are very happy with her. She has a great personality - loves to play and snuggle! Everybody comments on how sweet she is.
Thanks for the great pup,
  Here are some new pics of OZ.
I think you'll be able to see just how happy and spoiled he is.

Colleen & Mark
Ruby and friend
Ruby lives in Traverse City Michigan
       Hello Diana,   Wanted you to know what Montana did have his Vet appt last week and is in fine health - as I knew he would be.  He is now 26.9 lbs and is a wonderful addition to our family.  He is Roscoe’s new best friend and the two of them play together remarkably well.  Roscoe is so gentle and puts up with the puppy antics.   Montana is definitely one that loves to play in the mud out back, there is very little of it, but he seems to find the only mud in the garden area.  Thank goodness he likes to be bathed.  I have some pictures to send - enjoy them, you did a fine job with your care and it shows.   Our Vet remarked when he first saw Montana that he was the most beautiful and perfect St. Bernard he has ever seen.   Take care,           Dave

Oz  and friend
Here are some Puppy Testimonials
Montana lives in Ohio
Knuckles lives in Florida
Atlas now lives in Minnesota
Mike & Diana,
Dozer is doing very well, he is really starting to warm up to the family and is now exploring all parts of the yard.
He loves his toys and will play hard for about 20 minutes then take a three hour snooze on his back in our kitchen.  He also loves to play with his water and food bowls - we usually have a "flood" in the kitchen three or four times a day!  Our friends think we are nuts but Jodie and I love it.  I guess you really have to have a love for these animals.
We will continue to send pictures as Dozer grows - please feel free to use any of them on your site or as you see fit.  Thank you again for making this a very enjoyable, pleasant experience.  Dozer has definitely filled a huge void in our hearts and we look forward to having his company for many years to come! 
Best regards,
John & Jodie
Dozer  lives in New Jersey
Sorry we missed your call last night, Knuckles is doing great and is sooo wonderful. He already house broken, and starts puppy school next week. He weighed in at 30lbs yesterday, and the family loves him. Here are some recent pictures.   Sal
  Good evening!  I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know how Samson is doing and give you a few pictures.   We can't believe how fast he is growing!  He is already taller than our Bassett Hound, and he weighed in at 26 lbs at his checkup this week.   He is settling in nicely with our family.  He is so loving, and is willing to play with all of our other critters (whether they want to or not :)  Potty training is going well (and we've been really pleasantly surprised that he has never had a single accident in his kennel).    He starts puppy class in a little over a week.  The trainer's wife actually owns a Saint, so it's nice that they will be very in tune with how Saint's work.   Every day has been a joy with him and he never fails to bring a smile to our faces.   I've attached a couple of pictures for you.  Sorry that I'm not much of a photographer :)   Enjoy!   -Amanda        
Dear Diana,
Good Morning, you have probably been up and taken care of the Saints for some time.  I am here with "Happy", she is at my feet........what a smart and beautiful baby.  Everyone wants my puppy.  They just can't keep believe how beautiful...only the people close to me get to watch her come and sit.
We could not think of the perfect Mom mentioned Happy, we all thought Happy, WHAT?????????  The more I tossed that around it worked and it does fit her well.  My Mom pointed out that Happy is going to be happy, we will be happy to have her, she will be making people happy. From there and three days later, I could see it as a name and not just a emotion.   So now, Happy, has her Happy House, Happy Bowls, Happy Brush everything is Happy  :)  Most of all we love Happy To pieces and she is Happy in her new home
Here are some pic's of the big boy,thought you might like to see how he's doin.I couldn't ask for a better puppy,he's already potty trained and shakes,speaks and sits.He's a good boy we love him very much,Thanks
Samson lives in Indiana
Beau lives in  Michigan
as a  5 wk pup
As a 6 wk pup
My son Jeff-Who grew up to be a good human being, that is loving, considerate, honest and compassionate;  qualities that are lacking in the world nowadays. He was injured in a car accident several years ago and will live with pain and surgeries the rest of his life, but still wants to try to help out.

Sorry it has taken so long to forward pictures of Abby (Angelina). She is doing great!! We love her so much, the kids just adore her and actually refer to her as their sister, it's cute. I have attached some photos and I'll be sure to send more sooner this time.  Abby with our 3 year old Skylar. They get along great, especially now that the older kids have gone back to school they play together all the time. I think Abby misses the other kids though when they go to school. The picture is of Abby waiting for the kids to get off the school bus, she always knows right when they are about to come home.

Abby at 6 wks
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as a 5wk pup
Testimonial 2
My Dear Friend Laurie Martin
with one of the babies
she got from me
Alexis, Lorri and`me
with  Diva
Mike with Bronson
Beautiful Ruby doing good
at 9 years old 2016
Alexis and Friend
Beautiful Big Boy Montana
going strong at 9 years old  2016
I wanted to send your picture of Barkley on his one year birthday! He is such a big part of our family and makes us smile every day!
The Fath family
We wanted to send you some updated pictures of Duncan. He growing up to be a beautiful boy and we love him more and more everyday. Him and Tanek (our husky are the best of buds!!!)
Hope you enjoy!
Colleen and Ryan
Hello Diana!

Hi Diana,
This is Katie Wilburn, I received you Christmas Card today and I thought i would return the favor with some pictures of the girls!
They just graduated beginners training and will be starting intermediate training at the beginning of the year.
The girls are ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Roxy is the sweetest dog I've ever had and she is a very good listener--very quick to learn at class. Mia is very sweet as well and has a great disposition ever! very relaxed and at the same time she has TONS OF ENERGY!!
They are great puppies and they are doing very well.
Also last Thursday they were "fixed" or spayed. They are doing well and we haven taken them to get the stitches out. We had a checkup at the same time, and the vet says they have perfect health. They are on same puppy food as you told us to give them and they love it. They are wonderful companions and the day they came home they were definitely a part of the family!
Hope you like the pictures!
Love Katie and the Nards!
Hi Folks; just a quick note to let you know how well Riley is well socialized, healthy and has helped with the healing after losing rocky. I appears that he will be our second largest Saint. 124 at 6 mos... 158 at 8 mos.  and 27 & 3/4" tall.....Thank you for the wounderful pup    He has been on Iams puppy feed , free choice from day 1 after bringing him home. have a great holiday and we will send pics...Kip & Nancy Thibeault         cheboygan
Riley @ 3 wks
All testimonials are for pups raised and sold by West Wind Saints